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Public Offer

 Public Offer Agreement

1. General Provisions
1.1. These terms and conditions of the services for air ticket reservation, registration andsaleare a public offer, by which RBT-Kazakhstan LLP (hereinafter - the Contractor) offers to conclude anagreement for the acquisition of air tickets (hereinafter - the Agreement), using the official website on the following conditions.
1.2. In accordance with Article 395 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - RK CC), this document, as well as information about the services provided on the website is a public offer.
1.3. In the manner provided for in Par. 3 of Art. 396 of RK CC any person purchasing air tickets through the website, suggests that such personaccepts all the terms and conditions of this offer. Full and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of this offer shall be followed by making payment by a person hereinafter referred to as the "Customer"as payment forthe tickets purchased and receipt by the Contractor of the relevant document confirming the payment.
1.4. Based on the above, please read the text of the public offer and if you do not agree with any point of the offer, you are proposed to refuse to buy air tickets and/or use services provided by the Contractor.
1.5. In this offer, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
• “Offer” - a public offer of the Contractor addressed to any individual (citizen) to enter into a purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter - the "Agreement") on the existing terms and conditions contained in the Agreement, including all of its appendices.
• "Contractor" - a company providing services for reservation, registration and sale of electronic passenger tickets and baggage checks, which are provided on the website.
• “Customer” - a legal person who has attained the age of 18, having the legal right to enter into a contractual relations with the Contractor, including to place an Order on the in its own favor or in favor of third parties, or otherwise using the services purchased on the, solely for personal, household and other needs, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement.
• “Carrier” - an airline providing transportation based on a purchase tickets. The company acts on behalf of the "Contractor".
• “Acceptance" - full and unconditional acceptance of the Agreement by the Customer.
• “Order” - duly executed Customer's request for the service for reservation and sale (registration) of electronic passenger tickets and baggage checks in civil aviation, provided on the website.
• Operator - an authorized person of the Contractor processingthe Customer’s Orders.
• Website - a set of electronic documents (files) of the Contractor, available on the Internet via HTTP / HTTPS protocols, united under the domain name: and all the domain names of the following levels.
2. Subject Matter of the Agreement
2.1. The Agent shall provide on behalf and at the expense of the Carrier services forreservation, registration and sale of passenger air transportation. In accordance with the current tariffs, Carrier's rules and fare rules through the website
2.2. This Agreement and all appendices hereto are official documents of the Contractor and an integral part of the Offer. The current version of each of these documents are available on the website of the Contractor — 
3. Placement of Order
3.1. AnOrder may be executed independently by the Customer on the website, made by electronic communication or agreed with the Contractor’s Operator by telephone.
3.2. When placing (registration) of the Order on the website, the Customer must specify the required personal information by filling out all the fields in the registration form of reservation system marked as "mandatory".
3.3. The Contractor undertakes not to disclose the registration data of the Customer on the, as well as other information concerning the personal data of the Customer, to persons not related to the execution of Order. After completing the registration process on the website the Customer is assigned a unique username (login) and password.
3.4. Air tickets are registered for no more than 24 hours as of receipt by the Contractor of payment for Order.
3.5. The Customer is responsible for the content or accuracy of the information provided when placing an Order. The Customer shall be personally liable for any actions taken on the website fromits account (registration entry). The Contractor is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information provided by the Customer during registration.
3.6. Changing personal data of any passenger in a placed Orderleads to the loss of power of the tariffs agreed in the Order, as to change these data of the passenger in the Order it must be cancelled and a new one must be placed. Thus, the Customer undertakes all the possible commercial risks (placing ofnew Order, tariff change, refund and so on), related to its faulty actions of making mistakes, discrepancies in the provision of personal data.
3.7. Making an online Application, the Client provides the following personal data:
Surname, Name;
Series and number of identity document;
E-mail address;
Contact mobile phone number;
Bonus card numbers, for frequent flyers;
Delivery address,
thus expressing clearly, consciously and unconditionally the consent to processing of such data by the Company for an indefinite term, with a view to perform the contract of retail purchase and sale, informing the Client about the terms and conditions of cooperation and promotion of goods in the market.                                      
4. Payment of Order
4.1. Payment may be made in non-cash form, by transferring the necessary sums of money to the Contractor’s settlement account or by paying cash to the cash office of the Contractor, or by transfer of funds through a system of electronic payments by credit card.
4.2. The date of payment shall be the date of receipt of funds to the settlement account or to the cash office of the Contractor. 
5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties
5.1. The Contractor undertakes to:
5.1.1. No later than the next working day from receipt of the Order confirmby telephone and e-mail, to the appropriate number and address indicated by the Customer in the application for the purchase of air tickets through the official, this order and the possibility of providing air tickets subject to the wishes of the Customer.
5.1.2. In case of failure to provide air tickets on the conditions stated by the Customer, inform the Customer thereof and offer him a flight on alternative conditions.
5.1.3. Provide the Customers with all the information and documents required to receive the paid air tickets, as well as to provide technological and consulting support concerning the procedures and rules of working with online ticketing system by phone, e-mail or other means of communication by its technical support group from 09:00 to 19:00 (daily) of Astana time.
5.1.4. In case of the Customer’s failure to refund the cost of the paid airtickets, except for the amounts of fines charged to the Contractor by the Carrier and the amount of commission. The amounts of fines charged by the Carrier for return of air tickets depending on the terms of such refusal before the date of the carriage are contained in the Carrier’s current price lists and rules governing the activities of a particular airline. The Customer shall be refunded upon provision of an identity document/a notarized power of attorney by the representative or in the office of the Contractor located at Protozanova Str., 41, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, or in non-cash form to the current account of the Customerprovided that the Contractor receives a notice with the Customer’s payment details. Refunds for tickets are made in the same manner in which the payment was made.
5.2. The Customerundertakes to:
5.2.1. When buying air tickets in accordance with the terms and conditions of this offer, fill out the required fields of the reservation form in online order reservation system with an indication of sufficient and reliable personal information and on end-user of services, information on the required transportation - date, time, direction, airline etc. as well as its wishes regarding this flight.
5.2.2. Upon confirmation by the Contractor of the possibility of acquiring air tickets on the terms and conditions of the Customer or on alternative conditions within a period not exceeding 24 (twenty four) hours pay the cost of the service ordered.
5.3. The Contractor shall have the right to:
5.3.1. If the Customer fails to comply with any of the points of this offer, refuse to provide services in the future.
5.3.2. Unilaterally change the price of its services for the sale of air tickets and the terms and conditions of this public offer without prior agreement with the Customer, ensuring the publication of the amended terms and conditions on the website at least one day prior to their entry into force. 
6. Cancellation and Change of Order
6.1. All terms and conditions of the Order, including any changes to the placed Orders (e-tickets), refusal of services, refund, as well as other conditions of service renderingshall be governed by this Agreement,legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, fare rules in force at the airline - service providers, the contract of air carriage concluded with the airline (through electronic ticketing), other legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan relating to air transportation of passengers.
6.2. The Customer shall become aware of all the terms and conditions of the Order in the process of placing an Order. If the Customer does not understand any conditions of the Order, including the conditions of refusal, refund, making any changes in the placed Order, the Customer must contact the Operator to clarify the necessary information.
6.3. In case of the Customer’s refusal fromthe paid ticket for reasons not related to the performance by the Contractor of its obligations, which is equivalent to a unilateral refusal to fulfill the signed contract, the funds owed to the Customershall be refunded under the following conditions:
• the unused travel document shall be returned in the office of the Contractor only to the passenger indicated in the ticket, upon submission of an identity document, which number is specified in the travel document (ticket)
in accordance with the terms of repayment;
• the cost of travel document may be refunded with retention of fines and other charges provided for by the internal rules and price lists, regulating the activity of the service provider (carrier).
The service fee is not refundable.
6.4. When the Customer wants to cancel the Order for any reason, it must make an Order cancellation by sending a letter of cancellation to e-mail If the Customer does not have such a possibility (lack of access to the Internet, etc.) the Customer should contact the Operator on the phone and cancel the Order. In addition, the Customer must fill out an application for refund.
6.5. The Order shall be deemed as canceled by the Contractor after the latter sends a letter with the status of order: “canceled” to e-mail address of the Customer indicated when registering on a website.
6.6. In case of cancellation by the Customerof a paid Order, the cost of canceled Order, less the actual expenses of the Contractor, shall be transferred to the Customertoits user account to pay for future Orders or returned uponits written application. The actual expenses shall mean expenses incurred by the Contractor in order to organize the Customer’s Order execution, including the payment of fines to carriers and other persons providing services for ticketing and air transportation, as well as a service fee charged by the Contractor for the provision of services.
6.7. In case if by the Customer's Order the Contractorissued and delivered to the Customer a ticket on paper (on a strict reporting form), the Customer must return the canceled tickets on the day of Order cancellation.
6.8. The Contractor shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement at any time without prior notice if the Customer breaches the procedure and terms of booking and payment for services.
6.9. When tickets are repaid to a bank card from which the ticket was purchased, repayment period depends on the time of processing a request by banking services and airlines. 
7. Liability of the Parties and Dispute Settlement Procedure.
7.1. Liability of the parties not established by this offer shall bedetermined by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
7.2. The Contractor shall not be liable for any failure to provide service to the Customer due to lack of tickets on the time specified by the Customer, as well as in case of improper transportation, both on its part and on the part of the Carrier resulting from inaccuracy, insufficiency or delay in the information and documents provided by the Customer, as well as any other Customer’s violations of the terms and conditions of this offer.
7.3. The Contractor shall not be liable for non-compliance of the provided transportation with theCustomer's expectations and/or its subjective assessment.
7.4. The Contractor shall be released from liability for complete or partial failure to fulfill obligations provided for in this offer, if such failure was caused by force majeure arising after the conclusion of the agreement, as a result of extraordinary events, which the parties could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures (force majeure).
7.5. The Contractor shall not be liable in case if the Passenger may not carry out the flight, if these problems are connected with the necessity of having a visa, including a transit visa for flight under a ticket purchased by the Customer on the website
7.6. In case of cancellation of issued ticketsat any time, the Customer shall pay the Contractor acommission fee, compensate its other expenses for the sale of air ticket, and shall pay the amount of fines charged to the Contractor by the Carrier depending on the tariffs applied.
8. Miscellaneous
8.1. The disputes arising in the performance of the agreement under the terms and conditions of this offer shall be resolved in the complaint procedure. A claim shall belodgedto the Contractor in writing with attachment of documents supporting the stated claims. If the disputes and disagreements between the parties may not be settled through negotiation, they shall be settled in court in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
8.2. In accordance with Par. 3 of Art. 395 of RK CC,this offer is irrevocable. The Contractor has the right to refuse to place Orders to persons expressing disagreement with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
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